Song: Somebody to love Artist: Queen  CAPO1

G  D7sus4 Em+G G   C6        G      D7sus4 Em+G D G
A- ny-        bo-      dy  find me somebo         dy       to love

G G+F# Em C D Dsus4 D

         G            D           Em          G       A7               D
Each morning I get up all tired, can barely stand on my feet,
            G  G+F#        Em              A7                          D
I take a look      in the mirror, and I cry, Lord what you're doing to me
           G       A7            D                      D            A7         D7  D7sus4
I spent all my years in believing you, but I just can't get no relief, Lord!

Somebody (somebody), Somebody (somebody),
       G    G+F#   Em C6(pause)                      G G+F# Em C D Dsus4 D
Can any body     find me,           somebody to love

          G              D            Em  G         A7            D
I work hard, everyday of my life, I work till I ache my bones
          G     G+F#                Em                           A7                        D
At the end, at the end of the day, I take home, my hard earned payroll on my own
      G                A7              D                          D            A7                 D7   D7sus4
I go down on my knees and I start to pray till the tears run down from my eyes Lord

Somebody (somebody), Somebody (somebody),
       G    G+F# Em C6(pause)                      G     G7
Can any body   find me,           somebody to love, ohh

C                                                   C7
   I work everyday I try and I try and I try,
      F                                                           Fm
But everybody wants to put me down, they say, I'm going crazy,
    They say I got a lot of water in my brains, I've got no common sense,
                                   D7 Wisselen van D7 en D7sus4
I've got nobody left to believe

G D Em G A7 D G G+F# Em A7 D G A7 D D A7 D7 D7sus4

Somebody (somebody), Ooh.....Somebody (somebody),
       G    G+F# Em C6 (pause)                      G 
Can any body   find me,             somebody to looooove
G+F# Em C D D D G
(Can anybody, find me, someone to love)

  G      D       Em     G              A7           D
I feel I got no rythm, I just keep losing my beat
     G G+F#            Em          A7                 D
I'm ok, I'm ok, Iím alright Ainít gonna face no defeat
        G            A7           D                    D          A7         D7   D7sus4
I just gotta get out of this prison cell, one day I'm gonna be free Lord............


Find me somebody to love me ( > say lots, guitar comes in with palm muted G)
       G   G+F#  Em C6(pause)
Can anybody    find me,            somebody tooooooo loooohohohove 

G G+F# Em C D7 G
Can, anybody, find me, somebody to love x lots