Song: Sandy    Artist: John Travolta    CAPO 2

G(stroke)                        Bm(stroke)
    Stranded at the drive in.      Branded a fool
F(stroke)                    Dm                G         Bm Am D
    What will they say,      Monday at school?
G         Bm              Am           D         Am      D
Sandy, can't you see l'm in misery? We made a start.
       Am      D                Gsus4            G
Now we're apart. There's nothing left for me.
G7         G      Gsus4 G7
Love has flown, all   alone.
  C                   Cm        G   Em             Am D7
l sit and wonder why, oh why,     you left me,
     G        G7(stroke)       C
oh Sandy,      oh, Sandy, Baby
Em                  Dm                       Gsus4-G     Dm   G     Dm   G
someday when high school year is done           somehow, someway,
     Csus4                 C         C7       C        Csus4 C7
our two worlds will be one. In hea-     ven fore-        ver
      F                Fm      C       Am
and ever we will be. Oh, please say
         Dm   G      C     G7
you'll stay,    oh, Sandy!
(spoken) Sandy my darling,
you hurt me real bad, you know it's true.
But, baby, you gotta believe me when l say,
l'm helpless without you
C7         C      Csus4  C7
Love has flown, all a-     lone.
  F                   Fm        C Am
l sit and wonder why, oh why,
    Dm   G         C       Em F        Fm
you left me Oh, Sandy,     Sandy,
C       Em F Fm(stroke)       C(stroke)
Sandy,         why? (spoken) Oh, Sandy!