Song: Orchard Road   Artist: Leo Sayer

C                            Em7
   To tell the truth it's really such a sad affair
Am                   G6                               F
    standing here waiting in the cold night air
           C                      Dm                 Gsus4         G
but I've got to make this call 'cause my heart is breaking.
C                                Em7                         Am
   I hear the bips drop a coin in the slot has it been that long
  G6                             F
I thought you'd forgotten me
        C                            Dm         Gsus4         G
well I know that it's getting late but I just couldn't wait

F                   E7sus4-Em7+C Dm                    Gsus4 G
will I have the nerve to say              I just wanna come   back
F                    E7sus4-Em7+C Dm                   Gsus4 G
 I shouldn't just go away                 I just wanna come   back

I've been struck by such a bad luck
I need a place a little happiness and some love
I think I can see it now now let me paint the picture

G#                                     A#
    it's twelve o'clock and the curtains are drawn
D#                                              Cm
    they're counting sheep down in orchard road
G#                                A#
    you're hanging on the telephone line 
           D#    G#               A#sus4-A#               C
and tonight I    wish that I could be in orchard road

not much been happening here
I think I've got a job they're gonna call me next week
and I'll be working out of town but it sure beats hanging around

what's that? Tomorrow at two
you're kidding me -- no, is it allright with you
I don't know what to say it'll be like a holiday

when you say you're all alone
makes me wanna come back
and this house is not a home
I just gotta go back

it's twelve ten when I put down the phone
the moon's shining down on orchard road
and I'm feeling like a schoolboy again and tonight
I'll see you in my dreams of orchard road

Tussenstuk:  C Em7 Am7 G6sus4 F Em

F                     Em                       F
  it's funny but I thought I'd never go back
                  Em                       F
I think sometimes I might loose track
                       Em            Em7+C    Dm                  G
but I remember you and the things we do and I want it back.

A             Amaj7                   F#m           D         E
in orchard road you've got my heart I left it in your doorway
A             Amaj7              F#m               E
In orchard road a welcome mat is waiting there just for me
C             Em7                 Am               G
In orchard road the sun will shine again I know I know
C             Em7                    Am                  G
in orchard road you keep my love just waiting there for me

it's eight o'clock and the dawn's arrived
in orchard road it's breakfast time
I climb in my car and I turn the key and I'm gone
I am coming home
to Orchard Road

I'm coming home