Song: Eloise Artist: Barry Ryan

G                                     E
Ev'ry night I'm there  I'm always there she knows I'm there 
       Am                E     Am                 E(stroke 2x)..wacht
And heaven knows     I hope she goes
G                            E                     
I find it hard to realize that love was in her eyes
      Am          E                       Am             E(stroke 2x)
It's dying now,    she knows I'm crying now 
A             Amaj7             A7                      F#             Em      B7
       Ev'ry night I'm there I break my heart to please  Eloise, Eloise

E  Asus4-A-Asus2-A  E                             B7
           You know I'm on my knees - yeah
E     Asus4-A-Asus2-A  E            B7
                                         I said please 
 G                                      B
You're all I want so hear my prayer

G                                 E
    My Eloise is like the stars that please the night 
                    Am                 E         Am              E(stroke2x)..wacht
The sun that makes the day,     that lights the way
G                                              E                      
   And when that star goes by  I'll hold it in my hands and cry 
       Am             E        Am                 E(stroke 2x)
Her love is mine,     my sun will shine
A           Amaj7             A7                      F#            Em     B7
     Ev'ry night I'm there I break my heart to please Eloise, Eloise 

E  Asus4-A-Asus2-A  E   B7  
E  Asus4-A-Asus2-A  E   B7
G                                      B
You're all I want so hear my prayer

E(stroke) G(stroke)  A(stroke)  C#7(stroke)

Rustig…..C#                     Bbm
                        My Eloise,          I'd love to please her
                  D#m                        Bb   
I'd love to care   but she's not there 
C#                                      Bbm
       And when I find you,          I'd be so kind 
                       D#m                         Bb    D#m
You'd want to stay, I know you'd stay

Bridge: D7 G D7 G D7 G D G

G                                              E
And as the days grow old, the nights crow cold 
                         Am           E                      Am           E(stroke 2x)..wacht
I wanna hold her near to me,     I know she's dear to me 
G                                        E                     
And only time can tell and take away this lonely hell
     Am             E        Am             E(stroke 2x)
I'm on my knees      to Eloise 
A                Amaj7             A7                      F#            Em      B7
And ev'ry night I'm there I break my heart to please Eloise, Eloise 

E                Asus4-A-Aadd9-A  E          B7
You are my life so hear my        prayer
E                Asus4-A-Aadd9-A  E          B7
You are the price, I know you're there
 G                                     B
You're all I want so hear my prayer 
  G                                    E
You're all I need and I'm not there,
                    D              G               B
you know I'm not there.  No no no no yeah yeah yeah

          E                  D               G               B
My Eloise I’ve got to please her baby………..  fade out